Unico Stamp is publishes NFTART on OpenSea.

This collection is set to be a valuable design with only 12 different designs. And this piece is a personal work of Art.

The profit made by this work will be used as a fund to support other creators' NFTART.

The name Unico Stamp is a brand name that is developed by a Japanese company that has also obtained intellectual property from the patent office.

OpenSea:Japanese Cats Series #kimono

The "Unico Stamp" market by LINE Stickers

Unico Stickers began by selling characters on a social networking application called LINE Creator's Market.

Creators' stickers:Unico Stickers

※ The lineup of characters displayed will change depending on the country you are viewing.

KIMONO CAT SERIES is now on SALE 2021~

OpenSea Market|NFT ART


I'm are both creators and collectors.

So, we hope to create many cat character designs and collect many cat character NFTART to support the creators.

KIMONO CAT SERIES is the beginning of an important concept.

As creators and collectors of NFTART, I'm have only a small power, but if I'm continue to do so, the power of our activities will surely grow.

KIMONO CAT SERIES is a collection of 12 different NFTART works.

And there is only one piece of it. There will never be more than one person with this NFTART in the future.

I am developing the ability to expand NFTART

I am a blogger.
And I have a website with 200,000 page views per month, and all together its impressions exceed 500,000 PV per month.

Unico Blog

Your power as a blogger can be proven by a third party access analysis web service.


I would like to continue to be a watcher and supporter of the NFTART market.

I also hope to support and encourage many NFTART creators and make the world a more peaceful place.

I am very happy that you agree with this idea.

Thank you and I appreciate it!